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Physical love is an integral part of life and a link crucial to attaining personal satisfaction and happy partnership. It requires, first and foremost, tenderness and mutual trust between partners. However, one of the important factors for a fulfilling sexual life is potency i.e. a man’s sexual power.

Sexual power is of key importance not only for pleasure a man gets, but also for his physical and mental health as shown by a number of studies that have been carried out over the past ten years. These studies have undoubtedly confirmed the link between a man’s sexual power and his good health. Sexual power i.e. normal erection may differ from man to man. Among other things, it depends on age, habits and physical constitution.

Problems with potency

Problems with potency, although more common as men get older, affect men of all ages and have a significant impact on the quality of life of both partners. Many factors may influence sexual power of men, and they are mostly connected with ones’ life habits (unbalanced diet, obesity, lack of physical activity, smoking, alcohol). Fortunately, most of these bad habits can be changed which will significantly contribute to improving sexual power, and also preserving the overall health.

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